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Why stamping manipulator can replace labor?

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Why stamping manipulator can replace labor?

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Why stamping manipulator can replace labor?

Stamping robot to improve efficiency, mainly in the following points:

First, people will be tired, but the punch robot products time is fixed, without rest, especially the effect of hot weather or night work more obvious.

Second, the use of punch robot take products, not afraid of no one or staff leave of absence concerns.

Third, people always get along with the conflict, affecting production. The use of stamping robot decompression less labor, the internal will not work too much pressure and conflict, improve internal unity and the company's cohesion.

Fourth, ordinary technicians are not technical enough, they are not very responsible and cause difficulties in production and management. Stamping robot manufacturers

Stamping robot is on the basis of automation equipment, according to the characteristics of stamping production, specifically for the realization of stamping automation unmanned production and development of equipment. Can replace the manual stamping stations in various materials on the stamping, handling, loading and unloading work, the entire production line efficiency of 5 seconds. The automation equipment for stamping and other repetitive, dangerous, high-speed processing industry, saving labor costs, improve labor and equipment safety, maintain product productivity, quality, process stability and other aspects of modern industrialization "pioneering and innovative" Important spirit embodied. Stamping robot manufacturers

1) Screw rotation

Front and rear arm rotation and other manufacturers use different belts, Ming radium using screw rotation, and the servo directly connected, so with higher rigidity, higher accuracy, reduce maintenance and extend the life of the machine and reduce end jitter.

2) expansion interface

Reserved adequate expansion interface for easy wiring and replacement folder fixture and the use of plastic enclosures to enhance the overall appearance and protection.

3) core controller

Different from the PLC manufacturers used by most manufacturers, the company adopts autonomous robot motion control system to support any axis linkage, interpolation and smooth transition, and supports multi-machine online communication. Centralized control makes the machine run fast and has high positioning accuracy.

4) reducer on the home

The Japanese robot dedicated reducer, and the reducer placed above the device to reduce the reducer inertia and inertia, enhance reducer life and swing speed.

5) Easy to handle

The height of the bottom foot pad is specially designed for easy forklift handling.

6) Beautiful appearance, compact size

The appearance of exquisite appearance, small size can be easily placed in the narrow press between.

So, punch machine can indeed replace the artificial. Power cord stripping machine

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