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Stamping robots functional characteristics

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Stamping robots functional characteristics

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Stamping robot's functional characteristics

Robot is widely used in electronics, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, light industry and atomic energy and other departments. Stamping manipulator features are as follows:

All the control functions of the press should be integrated so as to realize the menu management of the full set of molds, including the slider stroke adjustment, the balancer air pressure adjustment, the cushion stroke adjustment and the automatic control system. The fieldbus technology with on-site communication network, on-site equipment interconnection, interactive operation, decentralized function modules and open functions is the development direction of press control technology, which has a significant promotion effect on automation.

Press control system integration All press and mold control functions including fault diagnosis, mold menu configuration, programmable limit switches and mold monitoring and adjustment via a single operator interface and maintenance of equipment More convenient, but also significantly increase the effective press working time.

The motor is directly connected with the eccentric crank gear. Since the motor speed can be adjusted freely, the speed of the crank mechanism can be adjusted arbitrarily and the pressing speed can be accelerated or slowed down arbitrarily. Matching is very high, because the servo press motor speed is infinitely adjustable, it is possible in the stamping process to achieve stamping and punching force stepless adjustment, the press curve and a variety of different applications Requirements match. In order to ensure the crank to complete the precise movement, the user can achieve or maintain a constant pressing speed by decelerating and drawing, which can not only improve the quality of sheet metal processing, but also extend the service life of the mold.

Servo press speed change and control through a reasonable optimization design, and the use of integrated modules, modular structure, if you do not need to use its servo function, you can work like a traditional press, remain constant Power and travel.

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