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Unscramble bottle machine gradually into the automation era

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Unscramble bottle machine gradually into the automation era

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What are the application of stamping robot?

The manipulator used in industrial production, due to the different use occasions and work requirements, has different structure types and great technical complexity. But they all have human arm, wrist, and hand movements and functions; they generally work automatically, repetitively and cyclically according to a predetermined procedure. Automatic terminal machine

The overall design of the robot should be comprehensively considered, as far as possible to make it simple, compact, easy to operate, safe, reliable, easy installation and maintenance, and good economy. Robot in the industrial production applications, almost all walks of life. To sum up, there are roughly the following aspects:

1. A single machine to achieve automation: Production appeared in many efficient special processing equipment (such as various special machine tools, etc.), if the workpiece handling and other auxiliary operations continue to be manually operated, not only will increase the labor intensity of workers, but also can not give full play The effectiveness of special equipment will inevitably affect the improvement of labor productivity. If the use of robots instead of artificial, unloading, you can change the above does not adapt to the situation, to achieve stand-alone automated production, and to achieve multi-machine monitoring provided the conditions. Such as: automatic machine and loading and unloading manipulator, stamping manipulator, injection molding machine and its handling robots and so on.

2. Composition of automatic production line: On the basis of stand-alone automation, if using robots to automatically load and unload workpieces, some single machines can be connected into an automatic production line. Currently in the shaft and plate class workpiece production line, the use of robots to achieve automated production is particularly extensive. Such as: axis processing automatic production line and the loading and unloading manipulator, plate processing automatic production line and its manipulator, gear processing machine loading and unloading manipulator.

3. High-temperature operation automation: In high-temperature environment operations (such as heat treatment, casting and forging, etc.), the labor intensity of workers, poor working conditions, the use of manipulator operation, more practical significance. Such as automobiles leaf spring quenching manipulator, die casting machine casting robot and so on.

4. Operating tools: Manipulators with robots, automated operation in high temperature, dust and harmful gases environment, can make people from poor working conditions and reduce labor intensity, improve labor productivity and ensure product quality.

  5. Carrying out special assignments: In modern science and technology, the application of atomic energy, the exploitation of seabed resources, interstellar exploration and so on are already familiar to people. However, radioactive radiation, or the seabed, the universe and other environments are often not directly accessible or inaccessible to the human body. Instead of using remote manipulators to carry out such operations, these special operations can be completed and the work safely carried out for a long time to become Human beings to enter a new field of natural means an effective means.

Practice has proved that industrial robots can replace the manual labor, significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve working conditions, improve labor productivity and production automation. The handling of bulky workpieces and long-term, frequent and monotonous operations, which are common in industrial production, are effective with manipulators; in addition, it can be operated in high temperature, low temperature, deep water, the universe, radioactive and other toxic and polluting environments, More shows its superiority, has a broad development prospects. Kunshan Jeppesen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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