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Power cord stripping machine peeled off the line of reason

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Power cord stripping machine peeled off the line of reason

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Recently, the power cord stripping machine manufacturers found that many of my friends say that the stripping machine often appear deviation problems, so today the stripping machine manufacturers to introduce the reasons for deviation of the wire stripping machine and the solution, Interested friends take a look at it. Frequently appear "stripper line deviation" such words. Wire stripping machine users for troubleshooting, and today's wire stripping machine manufacturers to "Stripping Machine Deviation" category to do a simple analysis, take a look at it.

Stripping machine line deviation, for semi-automatic coaxial wire stripping machine, there are two main reasons. One is the centering module, one is the folder line.

Centering module determines the exact locations of stripping, if there is a problem centering module, resulting in eccentric, there may be injured on the side of the core, the other side of the peeling phenomenon is not complete deviation. Line folder parts, resulting in the main deviation in the folder on the jaws. There are debris on the jaws, jaw position is not correct, will result in the deviation of the phenomenon of stripping. In addition, the fixed clip screw loose, indirectly caused by the problem of the jaws, also appear this situation.

For the computer stripping machine, the phenomenon of deviation occurs, mainly with the blocking material, the wiring harness itself, ducts and delivery reel several factors.

Blocking the material, resulting in extrusion, may lead to deviation of the harness; harness itself, the harness is not straight, the quality of the harness and other issues may also be skinned deviation; catheter is not straight, the catheter does not center, send the spool loose, and so on equipment Equipment problems caused by itself or later use.

In addition, since it is peeling problem, the natural relationship with the turret part can not be separated, knife offset, blade wear, blade fixed parts loose, will lead to stripping the line deviation.

When the line deviation occurs when the problem, first determine the deviation position, according to the wire deviation, initially determine the possible causes of deviation, and then investigate, if the deviation still exists, you can change a line test machine. When the above measures can not solve the deviation problem, you need to contact the stripping machine supplier to help solve.

Stripping machine before and after use, to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance to extend the service life and ensure processing accuracy.

When the product has problems, product quality will become extremely important, once the customer can not solve their own, you may need to stop waiting for after-sales service, leading to production progress on the issue. Code-Zhen Machinery is a focus on the quality of machinery manufacturers, all day for everyone service, the above is today's power cord stripping machine manufacturers all the article content, I hope this article can help everyone. Power cord stripping machine

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