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Power cord stripping machine product applications

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Power cord stripping machine product applications

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Power cord stripping machine is a wire harness processing equipment, mainly for the surface of the cable insulation and metal core separation equipment, due to the popularity of electrical and electronic, wire harness processing needs of the larger manufacturers of wire stripping machine Development prospects, and even aerospace equipment stripping machine also figure. Power cord stripping machine

According to a report from a well-known market research survey network: At present, China's stripper manufacturers industry output has reached more than 200 billion, and the data are still rising, while the traditional manual wire stripper processing efficiency of about 100PCS / H, and But also by the wire material, personnel fatigue and many other factors, the efficiency is very low, and the wire stripping machine manufacturers compared to the traditional wire stripping pliers processing not only in the efficiency of up to 500-700%, and in precision, stripping Length and other requirements on the victory, and product quality and stability is also very high. Harness processing industry to enhance efficiency Automated production has reached an imminent stage, you want to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises is now.

The application of wire and cable has been involved in all aspects of our life and work. It is widely used in many fields of transportation such as aircraft, trains, buses, small household computers such as computers, routers, televisions and so on. Appears, and the traditional cable processing methods have been unable to meet the high-volume production requirements of household appliances and large equipment industries, the emergence of wire strippers to fill this vacancy. If you want to power cord stripping machine manufacturers to learn more welcome to inquire.

Kunshan Jeppesen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a national high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to industrial robot automation product development, manufacturing and sales. JPS industrial robot automation products are widely used in automated industrial production of stamping, forging, welding, handling, palletizing, processing, spraying, assembly, testing and other issues, for industrial enterprises to solve the urgent problems of labor-intensive and inefficient.

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