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Stripping machine which several product features

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Stripping machine which several product features

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1, the peel strength of the high efficiency of the line epidermis:

Exfoliation strength of the epidermis is understandable, automatic, fast and convenient is to make manual stripping of the epidermis more time and effort, although in some special environmental operations and specific construction do not have access.

2, people freed from the high frequency of stripping:

The power cord stripping machine automatically set the stripping length for different diameter automatic stripping line skin, skimming the late maintenance difficulties and work occasionally stripping imperfections.

3, full computer control, full-featured:

Full computer control, full-featured, faster processing speed, higher accuracy, can be arbitrarily set length, thread, diameter and production volume, with a full stripping, short stripping and other functions.

4, for electronic wire, silicone wire, etc. have special features:

Automatic cutting, stripping, stripping and stripping of electronic wire, silicone wire, glass wire, isolation wire, copper axis and casing can instantly change wire specifications and sizes. During the processing, when the wire runs out Will automatically shut down and alarm, so that your processing no worries.

5, for the electronics industry to use:

Recently, electronic products tend to be lighter, thinner, thinner and smaller. Therefore, the required electric wires also tend to be thin, short-term and high-precision, and the product can exert its greatest strengths. In the past is considered difficult to process the short-term within 50MM, now there is no difficulty. Colleagues can be set to send line, feed, retraction and then peeling and peeling speed, for the isolation line can also be forced to peel 99MW, excluding the exclusion line can not be completely stripped and hurt the fresh troubled. Power cord stripping machine

Kunshan Jeppesen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a national high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to industrial robot automation product development, manufacturing and sales. JPS industrial robot automation products are widely used in automated industrial production of stamping, forging, welding, handling, palletizing, processing, spraying, assembly, testing and other issues, for industrial enterprises to solve the urgent problems of labor-intensive and inefficient.

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