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Robot safety guards

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Robot safety guards

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Robot adapted to grab any shape of the object, the use of pneumatic balancing principle, the design of a number of rotary joints, to balance the weight of the workpiece. . When designing, the arrangement of safety devices is of the utmost importance. Reasonable arrangement is the last word. The robot below several common safety devices for the introduction:

Feed manipulator gas protection device: the use of one-way valve and gas tank, to ensure that the manipulator suddenly after the accident will not accidental wounding, and can provide sustained and stable working pressure. Fixture self-locking device. Fixture with stop valve to ensure that the system suddenly leak, the fixture will not release, unless the operation button

Turbocharger: When the pressure of the gas source is not high or unstable, the supercharger can be used to increase the working pressure of the gas source and ensure the normal operation of the system.

Low-voltage alarm device: When the air supply is abnormal, real-time detection and timely warning signal to remind the operator to take prompt measures;

Misoperation protection device: Monitor the movement speed of the manipulator to prevent accidental wounding if the manipulator rapidly rises or falls when misoperation;

Load-bearing limit protection device: When the manipulator grabs the overweight workpiece, the robot sends an alarm and the safety valve opens when it is overweight to prevent the danger from occurring.

Brake device: Brake device is installed at the link joints of the manipulator to prevent the manipulator from rotating or loosening, to park the manipulator when the work is finished;

Spraying robot

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