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Feeding robot basic functional knowledge

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Feeding robot basic functional knowledge

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Buried scraper feeder by the closed shell, scraper chain, driving equipment and tensioning equipment and other components. Buried scraper feeder operation, the material into the chassis through the feed port bearing section, by the scraper thrust, together with the scraper chain to form the whole move forward, the discharge port of the tank discharge itself, scraper chain along Empty section of the shell back. Because of its operation scraper chain is buried in the guess of material with the material move forward, it is called "buried scraper feeder." Feeding robot

Belt feeder

Feeding robot The general structure of the belt feeder is mainly composed of the conveyor belt, the roller, the support equipment, the driving equipment, the active feeder tensioning device, the unloading equipment, the cleaning equipment and the rack and other components. Belt feeder is a kind of successive feeding machine, with a coiled front and rear drum on the conveyor belt as a traction and bearing member, driven by the friction roller drive roller conveyor belt and bring the material together, and then complete The purpose of delivery of materials.

Bucket feeder

Bucket feeder mainly by the traction member (rubber belt or chain) bearing member (hopper) head and bottom wheels, active feeder drive equipment, tensioning equipment, chassis and other components. The closed traction member is wound around the head and bottom wheels and is tensioned by the tensioning device. Traction member of the full length, each must be spaced a hopper hopper. In order to avoid the material throwing and dust flying, these moving parts with the cabinet closed. During operation, the external drive unit drives the traction members and the hopper through the head gear. Materials from the base of the feed into the base of the base, the movement of the bucket dug up and up. Up to the nose, the material under the action of gravity and centrifugal force from the hopper, discharged from the discharge port.

Oscillating feeder

Oscillating feeder mainly by the trough, exciter, the main vibration spring, guide rod, vibration spring, balance chassis, feeding equipment and unloading equipment. Oscillatory feeder is the use of a form of exciter tank along a skew oscillation occurs, and then the material from one orientation to another one.

Kunshan Jipusen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a national high-tech enterprises. The company is committed to industrial robot automation product development, manufacturing and sales. JPS industrial robot automation products are widely used in automated industrial production of stamping, forging, welding, handling, palletizing, processing, spraying, assembly, testing and other issues, for industrial enterprises to solve the urgent problems of labor-intensive and inefficient.

Five-axis arm stamping robot

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