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Punch manipulator drive mechanism What?

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Punch manipulator drive mechanism What?

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Punch manipulator drive mechanism What?

Punch manipulator drive mechanism used in four main: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electrical drive and mechanical drive. Among them, hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive with the most. Here is Xiaobian eleven for everyone to introduce these four kinds of drive

1, Hydraulically driven hydraulically actuated robots are usually driven by hydraulic actuators (various cylinders, oil motors), servo valves, oil pumps, fuel tanks, etc., and are driven by the actuating mechanism of the robotic manipulator. Usually it has a great ability to snatch (up to hundreds of kilograms), which is characterized by compact structure, smooth movements, impact resistance, vibration resistance, explosion proof, but the hydraulic components require higher manufacturing precision and sealing performance, Otherwise the oil will pollute the environment. The company is located in:

2, Pneumatic drive Its drive system is usually composed of cylinder, air valve, gas tank and air compressor, which is characterized by convenient gas source, quick action, simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance. However, it is difficult to speed control, the pressure can not be too high, so the ability to snatch low.

3, electrically driven electric drive is a type of drive used by most manipulators. It is characterized by convenient power supply, fast response and large driving force (joint weight has reached 400kg), signal detection, transmission, easy to handle, and can adopt a variety of flexible control programs. The drive motor generally uses a stepper motor, DC servo motor (AC) as the main drive. Stamping robot manufacturers

Stamping robot manufacturers

Due to the high speed of the motor, deceleration mechanisms (such as harmonic drive, RV cycloidal drive, gear drive, screw drive and multi-lever mechanism) are usually used. This robot has begun to use high-torque, low-speed motor without a reduction mechanism for direct drive (DD) which can simplify the mechanism, but also improve control accuracy. The company is located in:

4, mechanical drive mechanical drive only for fixed action occasions. Generally use the cam link mechanism to achieve the required action. Its characteristics are reliable action, high speed, low cost, but not easy to adjust. Automatic terminal machine

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