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Punch feeder technology What?

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Punch feeder technology What?

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Punch feeder technology What?

 Xiao Bian today to introduce to you, punch feeding machine technology which?

Punch feeder specifically for pellets, powder, sheet material delivery, when the punch through the knife mold on the workpiece instantaneous role in the cylinder pressure does not reach the rated pressure, the pressure will be with the contact ( Cut into the work) increases the time increase until the solenoid valve receives the signal, the reversing valve commutation, punching head began to reset; then the pressure inside the cylinder due to pressure oil into the cylinder of the time limit may be The set pressure rating has not been reached; that is, the system pressure has not reached the design value and the blanking has been completed.

The main disadvantage of the feeder is that the conveyor belt is easy to wear and its cost is high (about 40% of the cost of the feeder); a large amount of rolling bearing is required; a discharge device must be installed during the middle discharge; the ordinary tape type is not suitable for conveying the inclination Excessive occasions, the expansion of the rack body and the arc expansion of the use of FC25 cast iron body shape, punch feeder to achieve high strength and concentricity requirements. If the first ball with a multimeter to test the power voltage machine, the ball machine under load pressure, opened the measurement situation to determine whether there is a power supply Title Title Topic, the introduction of advanced technology in Japan, specializing in the development and production of production and sales Feeder, press peripheral automation Series of machinery and equipment and plant equipment. Feeding robot

During work, the external drive unit drives the traction components and the hopper through the head wheel. The feeder may be known to everyone. Many factories need to use the feeder. Then who knows that the feeder is still a small Subdivision industry punch feeder What, today to tell you some punch feeder some different types of machines, and how many types of it, I think we may be most concerned about is the number of punch pound feeder Features, we only know the characteristics before going to buy.

Feeding machine This thing should be a very common machine, to be used in many places, of course, the most important thing is the maintenance of technology, of course, I said that simple technology, not some advanced technology, these simple technologies we are able to In the actual operation of the things used. Kunshan Jeppesen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

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