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Stamping stamping robot meaning

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Stamping stamping robot meaning

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Stamping stamping robot meaning

Punch stamping manipulator

The manipulator can automatically perform several specified actions according to the preselected program to realize the automatic clipping and delivery of objects. In the stamping production, it is not only used to complete the loading and unloading work on a press, to achieve stand-alone automation, but also can be used in the assembly line consisting of several presses on the production line to achieve the automatic transfer of the workpiece between the presses to form an automatic Stamping production line. As the manipulator can easily change the work process, which often change the product variety of small and medium-sized stamping production, for the realization of production automation is more important.

Manipulator by the implementing agencies, drive agencies and electrical control systems and other components.


Manipulator drive pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and mechanical four. Most of stamping robot pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

According to the different forms of arm movement, manipulators can be divided into four forms: Cartesian coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, polar coordinates and multi-joint.

(1) Cartesian coordinates, the arm in the Cartesian coordinate system for three axes for linear movement, that is, the arm telescopic up and down, up and down and left and right movements. This form of coordinate occupy a large space but the working range is relatively small, large inertia, which applies to the work position in a straight line arrangement.

(2) cylindrical coordinate type, arm before and after telescopic, up and down and swing in the horizontal plane movements. Compared with the Cartesian coordinate system, the occupied space is smaller and the working range is larger. However, due to the structure of the mechanism, the lowest position in the height direction is limited, so the object on the ground can not be grasped and the inertia is relatively large. This is a widely used form of coordinates in manipulators. Stamping robot manufacturers

(3) Polar coordinates, arms around the telescopic, up and down pitch and swing around the action. Its greatest feature is a simple body to get a larger working area, and can crawl objects on the ground. Its motion inertia is small, but the arm swing angle error will cause amplification through the arm.

(4) multi-articular, the arm is divided into two sections of the arm and arm, arm by the elbow between the size of the connection, and the boom and column connected between the shoulder joint, plus wrist and arm between The wrist, multi-joint manipulator can be done almost manual action. Multi-joint manipulator flexible action, low inertia, can grab the workpiece close to the base, and can bypass the obstacles to work. Multi-joint manipulator wide adaptability, after the introduction of computer control, its motion control can be completed by the program, but also through the memory simulation is the development direction of the manipulator.

working principle

A section of the arm is machined into a rack, meshing with the gear. When the telescopic arm of the arm urges the piston rod to reciprocate, the gear rolls on the fixed rack, causing the arm to telescope at twice the speed of the rod. The cylinder is the arm swinging cylinder, which pushes the rack to reciprocate and make the gear rotate so that the entire arm part swings left and right. The up and down movement of the finger is driven by the lifting cylinder of the finger. Here, the finger is three air-flow negative pressure type sucker. When the sucker is in close contact with the sheet material, compressed air is sucked into the nozzle, Cut off the gas source, the sheet fell. Stamping robot manufacturers

When the press slider descends, the manipulator sucks the material (the state shown by the two-dot chain line in the figure). After the material is sucked up, the finger rises and the arm swings counterclockwise to reach the feeding direction and waits for feeding. When the slider reaches the bottom dead center, the arm telescopic cylinder moves and the arm begins to extend forward. After the slider rises, the finger with the sheet enters the center of the mold and releases the sheet into the mold, the arm begins Retract, to a certain distance, the arm swing cylinder began to move, make the arm swing clockwise, while continuing to retract. Allow the slider to descend when the arm is fully retracted. When the finger reaches the top of the storage cylinder, the arm stops swinging, the finger telescopic cylinder starts to move, the finger descends the suction piece and begins the next cycle.

Sheet material stored in the storage cylinder, below a pallet can be raised and lowered, lift the pallet by a small motor drive through the conveyor belt, worm gear driven screw rotation to achieve. In the upper end of the cartridge is equipped with a contactless travel switch, as the film is continuously removed, the height of the stack gradually decreased. When the upper plane of the stack is lower than the non-contact switch, the small motor starts the pallet to rise. When the stack rises to a certain height, the non-contact switch cuts off the power. The stack stops rising, ensuring that the upper plane of the stack is always at the level the finger can reach. In the upper edge of the storage cylinder is also equipped with two permanent magnets, the role of mutual exclusion of the same sex magnetic field, so that the top of the adjacent pieces of each other separated from each other to avoid absorbing two. This method is only effective for ferromagnetic materials.

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