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Factors affecting the stability and positioning accuracy of punch manipulator

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Factors affecting the stability and positioning accuracy of punch manipulator

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Factors affecting the stability and positioning accuracy of punch manipulator

Punch manipulator can work accurately, in fact, the positioning accuracy of a three-dimensional space, is determined by a number of lines and angles. The factors affecting the accuracy of a single line or angle positioning are the following:

1, positioning methods - different positioning methods of positioning the impact of different elements. Such as positioning with mechanical stop, positioning accuracy and the stopper stiffness and contact with the stopper speed and other factors.

2, positioning speed - positioning speed of a great impact on the positioning accuracy. This is due to the positioning speed is not the same, the kinetic energy components to be dissipated is not the same. In general, in order to reduce the positioning error, the positioning speed should be controlled reasonably. For example, buffer function and buffer power of the buffer device should be improved, and the drive system should be controlled to reduce the speed of moving parts.

3, accuracy - punch robot manufacturing accuracy and speed control accuracy of the positioning accuracy has a direct impact.

4, stiffness - Punch manipulator own structural rigidity and lower contact stiffness, prone to oscillation, affecting the positioning accuracy. Stamping robot manufacturers

5, the weight of moving parts - including the punch robot's own moving parts weight and grasping the weight. Changes in the weight of moving parts of the positioning accuracy. In general, the moving parts weight increases, the positioning accuracy decreases. Therefore, the design time not only to reduce the weight of moving parts themselves, but also to consider the weight of the job grasping the impact. Power cord stripping machine

6, the driving source - hydraulic and pneumatic changes, and voltage, oil temperature, temperature changes will affect the punch positioning accuracy of the robot. Therefore, the necessary regulator and oil temperature adjustment methods should be selected, such as the use of accumulator to stabilize the oil pressure, with a heater or cooler to control the oil temperature, low speed, temperature, pressure compensation flow control valve control.

7, the control system - switch control system, electro-hydraulic proportional control system and servo control system positioning control accuracy is different. This is due to the accuracy and sensitivity of various control components are not the same, but also with the feedback control system whether or not.

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