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What is stamping robot?

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What is stamping robot?

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What is stamping robot?

    A technical device that reproduces manpower functions according to a common saying is called a stamping robot. Stamping manipulator is to imitate the hand part of the action, according to the given program, trajectory and requirements of automatic capture, handling or operation of the automatic mechanical device. Stamping manipulators used in industrial production are called industrial robots.

    With the current development of industrial automation needs, stamping manipulator in industrial applications more and more important. Stamping robots are often used as attachment to machine tools such as handling and transferring workpieces on automatic machine or automated lines, changing tools in machining centers, and more.

    In each area of the stamping robot requirements are different, to focus on innovation in the field of stamping robot automation, in order to better reduce costs for enterprises to improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, Guangdong Instant Robot Co., Ltd. mainly in the stamping robot Development and application, from the previous ramp arm manipulator, horizontal walker, to the current electrical frequency manipulator, servo manipulator. Each model has a different position in different areas.

    Multi-joint stamping manipulator: flexible movement, low inertia, versatility, can crawl the workpiece near the base, and can bypass the obstacles between the body and working machinery to work with the production needs, the multi-joint Arm flexibility, positioning accuracy and work space, put forward higher and higher requirements. Feeding robot

Five-axis arm stamping robot

In the tobacco industry, servo is mainly used in tobacco packaging machinery, tobacco sub-conveyor, filter rod molding machine, tobacco logistics automatic delivery equipment.

Such as: cigarette output cigarette straight speed is very fast, so the linear motion into the axial movement between the cigarette branch brake is particularly important. This process avoids the possible loss of cut tobacco or cigarette branch due to impact.

Braking of cigarettes Brake the negative pressure motor to brake the negative pressure fan to generate the brake negative pressure. The butterfly valve that adjusts the brake negative pressure is installed on the vents of the low-pressure gas path of the soot wheel and is controlled by the soot-servo servo motor. Brake negative pressure in the drum groove decelerates the cigarettes and stops at a predetermined position in each groove. In order to overcome the influence of the friction of different paper plates, the brake negative pressure needs continuous automatic adjustment. The soot wheel servomotor is controlled by four solid state relays to control the butterfly valve. Automatic terminal machine

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