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2018 Spring Festival holiday notice

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2018 Spring Festival holiday notice

Release date:2018-02-02 Author:人事部 Click:

According to the State Council on the spirit of the holiday notification of the Spring Festival in 2018, combined with the actual situation of the company, the Spring Festival holiday time will be notified in advance,

Spring Festival holiday time:

2018 Spring Festival holiday a total of 10 days. February 10, 2018 to February 22, 2018, February 23 (the first day of the eighth day) to work.

All departments should check on their own before going on holiday, keep important items in safe custody, pay attention to fire prevention and theft prevention, and be responsible for closing doors and windows in office areas and all electrical appliances and office equipment; employees returning home or traveling should pay attention to safety during holidays; During the holidays, staff should keep the communication open, comply with the holiday notification requirements, and return to their posts on time.

 I wish you all a Happy New Year! !

February 2, 2018

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