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Single station truss manipulator

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Single station truss manipulator

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Detailed introduction

• Truss manipulator is a highly-packaged, one-piece machine that combines the robot body, arm, rail, column, gripper system, control cabinet, operator panel, man-machine interface, silo, (Optional) and other packages together, made of a standard robotic automatic loading and unloading unit body, to achieve the overall installation and commissioning and transportation.

Our JPS-HJ-001 robot belongs to a more intelligent automation equipment, with multiple CNC equipment online. When multiple CNC machine tools on-line, to complete the parts from blank to finished the entire process of automated production.

The JPS-HJ-001 series truss manipulator uses the motion controller developed by the German dedicated embedded motion chip to write motion trajectories through the teach pendant. The control system is more intelligent and the operation is more simple and convenient. Operators after a simple training day induction. Because it is very simple and easy to use, it can be promoted on a large scale.

 JPS-HJ-001 series truss manipulator In order to improve the stability and durability of the equipment, reduce equipment maintenance and repair, the key parts of imported professional accessories, especially in the mechanical actuator used in Japan imported claw to meet the 2 Taiwan and above CNC machine tools on-line production, to achieve parts from blank to the finished product automated production; • • • JPS-HJ-001 Series truss manipulator features

      ■ All equipment units are modular production, according to CPU operation, higher accuracy, faster installation;

      ■ fool-type operation and maintenance, to achieve more online fast precision machine, then training induction;

      Wide versatility, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, allowing users to save a lot of equipment costs;

      ■ pure imported core accessories brand, super long life;

      ■ Can realize "unmanned" machining automated production lines, the maximum liberation of manpower, enabling users to save labor costs.


The purpose of using a truss-type robot:

1. Manipulator instead of manual operation, can achieve 1 N CNC machine tools, saving more than 80% of the labor;

2. Manipulator instead of manual operation to eliminate work-related accidents, reduce the burden on enterprises;

3. To improve the production efficiency of 300%, robots can achieve 24 hours a day;

4. Automated production, higher precision, to ensure that the workpiece size and stability

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