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Duplex truss robot

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Duplex truss robot

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Detailed introduction

In the modern production line, more and more attention is the flexible production. Machinery and equipment automation is the general trend of the manufacturing industry in this century. The robot industry will be a sunshine industry. In the coming century, the century of robot technology will be extremely developed. Mankind will be freed from monotonous manual labor and engaged in more creative work . Automatic production lines and high degree of automation of processing equipment has become an inevitable trend in the future manufacturing plant. Single and ordinary special-purpose machine tools are increasingly being replaced by more standardized, standardized machine tools and flexible automated production lines in high-volume processing. For example, in CNC lathe, vertical machining center machine, horizontal machining center machine, CNC vertical lathe, CNC grinding machine, CNC grinding machine, etc., the rough material may be a few kilograms or even a few hundred kilograms, as well as small Frequent loading and unloading of parts, handling of large motor housings, engine housings, reducer housings, etc. are also time-consuming and laborious, with a direct impact on work efficiency, machine utilization and production safety. At present, the handling of such parts and components has already been automated in the developed countries in Europe and the United States. In the field of robotic and automated industrial production, gantry robots realize the complete automation of the manufacturing process, and adopt integrated processing technology, suitable for loading and unloading machine tools, production lines, workpiece turnover, workpiece rotation, etc., while its high-precision clip The positioning tool system provides a standard interface for robotic automation.

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