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Spraying robot IRB 5400-12

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Spraying robot IRB 5400-12

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  • Release date:2018/03/06
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Detailed introduction

The FlexLine system provides the coating solution can enhance the performance of the maximum, reduce the cost.

IRB 5400 is a spraying robot family, with spraying precision, long operation time, normal paint consumption, short work time and effective integration of painting equipment and many other advantages. Other advantages include broad operation range, strong load capacity and high reliability. Integrated process system (IPS) with ABB original paint supply and gas supply closed loop regulation and speed control function, minimize overspray phenomenon, and ensure the uniformity of film.

The IRB 5400 series of saving time and material advantage will be able to get your favor. IRB 5400 will change the color of paint pumps and valves, flow sensor and air / paint regulator, integrated into the arm in the same spraying robot is the most reliable and the highest economic benefit of the product.

The IRB 5400 series robots have many different versions:

IRB 5400-12, slender arms

IRB 5400-13, fine long arm, installed in clean wall rails

IRB 5400-14, fine long arm, installed in the indoor track

IRB 5400-22, the process of robot;

IRB 5400-23, the process of robot installation in clean wall rails

IRB 5400-24, the process of robot, installed in the indoor track.

Rated load (KG):


The structure of the form:

Series connection

The working radius (mm):

Three thousand and one hundred

Repeat precision (mm):

< + 0.15

Installation mode:


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